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Anzuk Parent Application for Online Tutoring

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Parent Application for Online Tutoring
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I understand that anzuk Education is providing online tutoring services to the specifications listed above. 

I hereby consent to anzuk Education sourcing appropriate tutors and recording tutoring sessions for safeguarding purposes.

Within this agreement, you cannot;

- Engage an anzuk educator in work that is capable of being in conflict with the best interests of us or the educator.
- Seek to induce an anzuk educator to terminate their arrangement with us and/or enter into an arrangement with you or any person for the purposes of directly or indirectly providing work services
- At any time discuss terms of the educator’s engagement with us, other than strictly as required for the proper objectives of the Work Services 

Online Tutoring Terms and Conditions.

- An additional 15 minutes will be added to the first session (free of charge) as part of an initial student assessment
- Anzuk Educators will adhere to all normal safeguarding policies and procedures as per our standard terms of engagement  
- For students under 12, a parent will introduce the student whilst on screen and also be present when terminating the online session 
- Where possible the device should belong to the parent / responsible adult and not be a private student device
- Both student and tutor will be suitably dressed 
- Both student and tutor will conduct in an appropriate area of the home with no visible personal items 
- Standard sessions are 1 hour, alternate session times can be agreed by both parties  
- Payment is required by parents before each session 
- 24 hours notice is required from either tutor or parent for postponement of lesson

anzuk safeguarding policy.

As part of our ongoing dedication and commitment to the safeguarding of children, please find below a comprehensive guide to the anzuk vetting process.

As a client Parent, you can be confident that any practicing employee of anzuk Education will have gone through the following vetting procedures. All documents are held on file and are available to parents upon request.

Where our teachers come from: Australian, Canadian, UK, Irish and New Zealand trained.

Our Policy

- We endeavour to obtain a minimum of 2 reference checks completed prior to commencement of any assignment. We request 3 referee details per candidate to obtain anzuk reference checks
- An enhanced DBS (UK Police Check) is applied for or copied (if registered on the update service)
- Overseas Police Checks are obtained from the country of origin, as well as any country the candidate has lived/worked in for 6 months or more. These International Police Checks are valid for up to three months from the departure date of that country
- The Barred List Check and Prohibition Check is also completed for candidates
- Each candidate is checked against the list ‘teachers and others prohibited from the profession’
- All teacher candidates are checked against the list ‘Teachers sanctioned in other EEA member states’ (EEA check)
- Each individual is interviewed face to face by an experienced consultant to ascertain their suitability as an anzuk worker
- Upon the confirmation of an assignment, the school will receive a 1-page vetting document highlighting the various checks, eligibility to work in the UK and personal details
- The candidate will always carry photo ID on the first day of any assignment

Documents that make the candidate's file are

- Candidate Interview Record
- Registration form
- Medical declaration
- Proof of Qualification
- Employment History
- Signed Terms and Conditions
- Signed Statement of Confidentiality and anzuk Expectations
- Disqualification Child Check
- DBS (Enhanced Certificate)
- Barred List Check
- Overseas Police Checks
- Prohibition Check
- Updated CV
- Proof of Residence
- Passport
- Right to Work Check (Visa)
- anzuk Reference check

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